Maxing Out: Getting the Most Out of Your Team

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Maxing out.  What does it mean specifically?  Is it truly attainable?? If so, what are the steps necessary to reach this goal???

Regardless of the context, the idea of maxing out is pretty cut and dry – an individual or group achieving maximum success through reaching their full potential.  This cannot be confused with perfection, something which is unattainable for any length of time. In order to get the very most out of your organization, therefore reaching new levels of success, what steps must be taken?

In a world that breeds laziness, complacency, and doing the bare minimum, leaders are fighting an uphill battle every day to motivate and incentivize their employees to do their very best.  Most will tell you that being the best you can at what you do is for leaders only, while followers just want to get through the day unscathed.

In a time of distractions galore – cell phones, iPads, Netflix, social media, you name it – workers are simply looking for their next break in the day, football game, vacation, etc.  The idea of reaching one’s fullest potential is just not worth it to the majority of the human race, which is exactly why we can help.

While we all would love all employees to WANT to the be the best at their job, therefore making the company as successful as it can be, we know that is just not realistic.  If we know this to be true, how can we effectively influence a larger number within our structure to strive for more?

A trend can very easily be found in most individuals with regards to their level of determination and drive.  Laziness bleeds into every aspect of one’s life. For example, one who leads an unhealthy lifestyle will simply have less energy than someone who takes care of themselves physically.  The ‘I’ll start on Monday’ or ‘New Year’s Resolution’ mentality is rampant in our society. And the phrase ‘guilty by association’ is very appropriate with regards to the concept of maxing out.  If you don’t surround yourself with people who will push you to be the best version of you in all aspects of your life, you will more than likely fall into a very comfortable existence, one that will lead you to look back on large chunks of your life with some regrets that you could have avoided.

However, we at TLW truly believe that there is leadership potential in every human being.  We also believe we can help you identify, motivate, and develop the most likely “max out” candidates in your organization.  Doing this will ultimately lead to a more efficient and effective short term approach within your group, eventually resulting in more consistent achievement of long term goals.

If you ask anyone who has spent at least one season in our program what our ultimate goal is, they will immediately respond with “Max Out.”  And while the athletic and business worlds are different in physical nature, the principles behind succeeding in each are one and the same. Many leaders/coaches will use an extensive list of goals and concepts to create the guidelines for success within their business.  While this can be very effective, we’ve found that keeping it very simple seems to work to an even greater degree.

One of the most successful businessmen in our country once told me he has two rules: don’t lie and do your best EVERY DAY.  Within our basketball program, the concept of doing your best is broken down to the foundation. Considering the number of different drills and training methods we use to get the most out of our team, we take doing your best a step further.  In order to come as close as humanly possible to accomplishing our game goal of winning every possession during each game, it first must start with each individual trying to win every drill of every practice. And while every drill is not set up with a score to be reached, the simple concept of being better after every drill than you were before is what our players should be striving for.  

Now here’s where it gets tricky.  Does every player do this daily? Not even close.  Do our best players do this this every day? More often than others, but the answer is still no.  More importantly, do our captains do this? On our most successful teams, these individuals do it most of the time but still not ALL the time.  Most importantly, do our coaches coach with this mindset? Similarly to our captains, they do the overwhelming majority of the time, but still not EVERY minute of every practice/game – INCLUDING THE HEAD COACH.  So these answers beg the obvious question? If our ultimate goal is to max out every single minute of every single opportunity we have together as a team, why does no individual on our team accomplish the goal? Just like the concept itself sounding very simple, so is the answer to this question: because we’re human.

Being human is not an acceptable excuse to accepting complacency however.  Those organizations who teach the individuals within to strive daily for seemingly unattainable goals will certainly accomplish more than those that simply accept the cancerous phrase “it is what it is.”  As opposed to putting low sales numbers off to our current economic situation, why not dig for solutions as to how to max out sales in the given market?  Those who continue to strive in the bleakest of situations will find success no matter the circumstances.  It is this group of individuals whose ceilings are never set because they will never accept the idea of not being able to improve some aspect of what they are doing.

If you have made it through this blog and are truly inspired to do something with it moving forward on a DAILY basis (don’t wait until Monday….), get ready to join the 5% of the human race that is in this category.  It’s not about money, it’s not about fame, it’s not about power (although some of those can be by products). It’s about doing your best every day with your current circumstances, with the goal of trying to improve those very same circumstances.



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